Monday, 16 July 2007

Avoiding our addition to the waste mountain

I read an article by Peter May yesterday and was interested to note a few of the many recycling venues available to assist us with de cluttering our homes, sheds and gardens, as well as limiting our addition to the ever growing waste mountain of reusable goods.
I also read a while ago that the first and last thing that can be seen at land near some airports, as you either become airborne or approach touchdown, is the mountains of white goods which require a specific recycling programme.
I thought that I could help by listing just a few more recycling sites, which you may find of use. which is a free to use service owned by Ebay. You can either sell, swap or give away items on this site which has many sites in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Austrailia, New Zealand and Poland. Computer Aid International, self explanatory. Community recycling network. Which went national in 2004, all aspects of exchange and good for house clearance it also boasts of house swapping. Which provide details of organisations that can recycle both home and workspace waste.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Rambler Rose

This is a picture of a rambling rose planted in our garden three months ago. You have the benefit of seeing it I have the added pleasure of being able to enjoy its smell
it is lovely.
I have had my grandson over to stay and we did all manner of things in the garden. Starting with playing with cars, to playing Frisbee, then collecting the windfalls, ending with a spot of gardening, I must say at this point he has an eye for design as well as a talent for directing the labourers.
To be honest he is not afraid to apply himself to work and we completed a good amount before the rain drove us inside again.
While I would appreciate some summer sunshine, I noticed that several plants which had suffered through last years dry spell have recovered and are now looking very nice with the heavy rain fall. The apple and plum trees are also showing a heavy crop.
Through the mind of a child.
I took my grandson out for a walk in the village today and showed him the local school. On telling him that his mother attended that school and his aunty when they were younger. He said 'so thats where they met'. I have a smile on my face as I tell you this.
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Monday, 9 July 2007

Miniature collection

This is the photograph of the remaining miniatures in my collection and the last one on the right, with the beige cap is the second one received this weekend.
Each one is numbered and I have a list of them when I travel overseas in order that I do not duplicate any.
We had a lovely weekend, all of our family enjoy get together and use these occasions as a reason to celebrate with a favourite family meal and lots of laughter.
May this trend continue for a long time. This is not a hint for gifts girls.
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Family gathering

I have been collecting these miniatures for several years now, having received the first one on the left as a gift from my mother, who knew my liking for all miniature things. During a visit to my daughter this weekend she surprised me with two new miniatures to add to my collection and I could not wait to share it with you.
One of new ones is second from the left with a beige cap. The second will be shown in the next photograph.
I plan to travel to Amsterdam later this year and will be on the look out for more of these Delft ware items which represent some of the landmark buildings in Amsterdam. Thank you again daughter.
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