Thursday, 21 May 2009

Sky Watch Friday 35

It seems like five minutes since I last joined all the participants posting for Sky Watch.

These are the afternoon skies over Lincolnshire today.
First view is the river Slea which is all shades of green .
Just in case you did not recognise the view, its just out side my bowls club.
It has been warm and sunny with lots of clouds racing past today.
The second picture is the swing bridge which I included, as is was raised for maintenance work today.
I understand that the drive is on to prepare the river to accept canal boats.

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Sky Watch, a meme originating from Dot and Tom, is a place where people share their sky views from around the world.
Dot and Tom have moved on to pastures new.
There are however a dedicated team of volunteers, who visit each post and monitor the integrity of the meme.
My thanks to all of you.
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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Sky Watch Friday 34

Its that time of the week again when we all share the pleasures of Sky Watching from around the world.

This weeks entry has been provided by Lord L.
This is because I have spent time getting my computer mended and operational again.
Thank you Lord L, also known as my other half.

We had our daughter and her two pups( pups=affectionate name) staying with us for the week.
The pups were so well behaved and we accompanied them on various walks about our village.

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Sky Watch a meme originating with Dot and Tom has entertained hundreds of people across the world.
It has dedicated team members who give their time, monitoring and running a seam free theme.
Thank You all.
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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Sky Watch Friday 33

Today's sky watch comes from my guest Lord L and his memories of a photographic Safari he took, while living in Kenya.

Mount Kilimanjaro lies in the borders of Tanzania and eastern Africa, with Kenya to the North.

The Mount consists of consists of three inactive volcanic cones ( peaks) rising to 15100 feet, above the
plains of the Serengeti.

In the foreground are Thompson's gazelle.

In 2007 is was noted that the Ice glaciers which cap Mount Kilimanjaro were slowly retreating due
to a reduction in snow fall.

For once global warming was not attributed as the cause.

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This meme was the concept of Dot and Tom. It has given many people lots of pleasure.
There are a team of people monitoring and assisting the smooth running of Sky Watch Friday.
Thanks are given to them for their hard work.

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