Monday, 15 October 2007

Sri Lanka Wedding Elephant

This is a picture of a ceremonial elephant, believed to bring good fortune, at a wedding in Sri Lanka.
The elephant was kept in the grounds of the Kani Lanka Hotel and Spa for four days, to cover several weddings that took place there.
It takes four hours a day to bath the elephant in the river close by, to wash and hydrate it as well as keep it cool.
They are very short sighted, however have amazing hearing.
We never found out where it was kept while it stayed there and there was no noise made at any time.
You just walked about the grounds and turning a corner came across the elephant.
There were many wild life species to see while we were there and would guess that there are a good amount more that we did not see, owing to their ability to hide or blend in well with the scenery.
We had a lovely holiday and our memories will stay with us for a long time.
I will post more soon.
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Environmental Caring

Today is Blogger's day when we discuss issues close to our hearts, mine is concerning the environment.

You may have noticed that many blogger's have been discussing recycling for some time now, posting various web addresses to enable you to clear items from your home which you no longer need, there by preventing over burdening the land fill sites.
If you have ever used E Bay or Free cycle you will have been helping the environment, others and yourself as the saying goes 'your trash is someones treasure'.

Compost making and Wormeries are also a topic of discussion as by recycling garden and kitchen waste you will have the benefit of improving your garden's soil and productivity.
Local Authorities recycle Christmas Trees as well as the green waste that is collected fortnightly in some areas.

My concern is to do with a substance we are unable to live without. WATER. Think of what it would mean to you, if there was a water shortage and we were all rationed on the water we could use.
In some third world countries they have two wells in the garden one for clothes washing and household cleaning, the other for personal care. This is collected rain water.
What do we do with our rain water, fill the pond, water the plants.
The Eden project recycles rain water to service its Public Toilets.

Reflect on the following.

The amount of water wasted through a dripping tap. If you are unable to afford to fix the tap at least save the water and use it for every day usage.

Over filling a kettle with water you will not use, you will not have to wait as long for the kettle to boil if there is less in it. You will also spend less on electricity.
You can also buy an element that you place in a cup to boil for one cup use.

Wash your hair separately to showering, it uses more water through a power shower.

If you do not have a loo with a double size flush facility and wish to lower the amount lost by
each flush. Fill one or two empty plastic 500 mil bottles with water and place these in the cistern. They will lower the amount of water used.
Do not use a brick particles of the brick breaking off damage the cisterns working.

Use a hand spray of water to rinse the windows not a bucket of water.

I am sure that many of you know of more ways to save water please feel free to respond to me and I will make sure that I incorporate your methods as well as my own in the efforts to save this valuable commodity
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