Saturday, 16 February 2008

Lace collar

I enjoy trying out patterns and this is one that I made a while ago. It has a fawn velvet ribbon lace through and a material backing to make it comfortable against the skin. The fastener is an Irish lace rose ,with three layers of petals with a diamante stud.
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Ribbed Jumper

This is a ribbed jumper that I made for my eldest daughter. The welts were all done in pattern using rib needles and the collar was linked.
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Star place mat

Having a couple of hours spare I decided to try out this patten. While it is nice, I think I can improve it and plan to make another with my changes, I will keep you advised about progress.
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shawl close up pattern

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Baby shawl

Productive work. A shawl made in three ply and measuring seven feet across.
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Close up of the pram cover

This is a close up of the cover shown on the previous entry.
I am not versed enough yet in blogging to show multipule pictures.
However with the help of some nice people I am learing.
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Pram cover.

This is a picture of a pram cover I made for my grandson a while ago.
It is possibly a favourite pattern for many mothers, I have had many comments which lead me to think this.
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Friday, 8 February 2008

The Terracotta Army

As a Christmas present this year our eldest daughter and her husband, bought us tickets to see the exhibition of The First Emperor and China's Terracotta Army held at the British Museum in London, as our family have been very interested in this subject for several years now.

On 26 January we travelled with our daughter to London to attend the 7.30 evening showing of this event,the weather was on our side and we had a cool evening with clear star studded skies as we walked the short distance to the Museum.

There were no queues outside and having divested ourselves of our coats inside, we joined other people who were visiting the museum progressing to the entrance of the display area.
The suite for the display had linen type material arranged as backdrops and pictures were being projected onto these showing the empire, life and works of the First Emperor.

259 BC he was born Ying Zheng and at the age of 13 became King of Qin ( pronounced Chin) one of the seven main states competing for power and at war with each other. Under his leadership Qin conquered the other states using highly developed weapons technology and military strategy. After completing his campaign, the King of Qin declared himself Qin Shiuangdi: First August Devine Emperor of the Qin.
To govern and rule his empire required the introduction of reforms and he inforced strict laws. He planned to join walls from conquered states to create a great wall, inclosing new roads and canals. Standard weights and measures, a single currency and a universal script allowed him to rule more easily.
He had built more than 270 palaces in his capital city Xianyang, as a disply of power and to house the rulers of the states he conquered
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