Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tattershall Castle

Tattershall Castle built in the 1400s by Ralph Cromwell.
Six stories high with 150 steps from the basement to the battlements.Originally there were spires on the towers.

A mere shadow of the original.

These structures based in the moat, were used by the kitchen staff. Possibly to keep fish alive until needed.

Fifth floor and battlements.
The centre of each of the the steps leading to the top of the castle were patch repaired,
due to the heavy wear over the years.
The stone hand rail showed signs of use, retaining a shine through the many hands which slid over it.

There was no mention about this structure. Although I have seen other castles reports, indicating a cold store, which look similar.

A 21st Century Tapestry hanging in the castle with a close up of its Mosaic structure.

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