Friday, 27 June 2008

Lace Curtain

I saw the pattern for this curtain in a magazine called 'Simply Knitting' and wanted to make it at once.

Although restricted in the colour of yarn, as it was the only four ply the shop had in, I was pleased with the richness of it anyway.
It is a new shop opened not far from where I live with a limited stock.

As is my way I have made a couple of changes to the finished project, scalloping the header bar instead of just using turning chain and doubling the first and last rows of trebles which I feel frame the work.
There are fifty cords to make and I am on number seven now.
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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Crafts in progress

I thought that I should share with you my ongoing projects, they are not blocked yet.
The top one is part of the header of a door curtain which took about four hours to work, while the second is the ends of the fringe which hangs from the header.As you can see the main fringe is straight.There are 50 fringes of 190 cm length (so I have a long way to go) they take about one and a half hours each to make.

My next project you have seen already, as I made and showed another spread in white last autumn a gift for mac's niece, from Caged Minutes.
This one is in a rich cream colour thread and is a gift for dancin' fool, from In The Pink.
Its very nice to have such lovely people around me .

Anything which involves thread attracts me. Next week I am attending a course on Bias Binding Applique', I can make a stained glass window, or a Celtic design cover. I am torn between them, however feel that the Celtic design will win. I will have to sign in again and make the window another time.

The village people are in progress I had to rest until a split in a finger healed.
Active Stanley also is made and waiting to be padded.

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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Metal work v yarn

There is a book which states that any metal work pattern can be reproduced in yarn. This is the proof of that statement.
It is a table centre piece which I enjoyed making.
The pattern is taken from a brass tray Morrocan style.
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