Sunday, 30 December 2007

Saving Wildlife and the Environment

There has been a trial on in the area where I live, to lower the amount of plastic bags being used by the public when shopping. Evidence is there that the message has been heard by the local public.
The damage to the environment by these bags, is wide spread and although some manufactures claim that their bags are bio degradable, the degraded dust still contains toxic waste particles.

I can not help thinking of the song "One Way or Another I'm Going to Get You"

I have found a site which is attempting to encourage us to greater awareness of our own part in saving the environment and would ask that you visit the site to see if you can find a way of adopting their message and their Bags of course. Please visit

While looking at the site I wondered if fund raising projects, say for schools, could would benefit by selling the bags, what would we not do for our children and their future.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Still recycling

Our Local Authority has announced that no body does it better, regarding recycling, than them. They give us a gift each year, we are allowed to over fill the bins after the Christmas week without penalty.
With that and the season in mind, I continue to bring news of sites which may assist you to clear space for all the new goodies you may receive this Christmas.

Recycle clothing

Or add to your winter wardrobe by


So lets see you all happy that you have cleared space, even if it was only to fill it again from another site. Merry Christmas to you all.

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Santa came to town

I received this pattern last week from the Knitters and Crocheters Guild and thought that they would be fun to make, they become addictive though and I could not stop.
Anyone who fancied could lengthen the hangers and wear them as ear rings or add a fastener and wear them as a broach.
I like small projects at this time of the year, they fill in odd moments when I am at home and sitting still.
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Saturday, 1 December 2007

Delftware from Amsterdam

As you will see we have been to Amsterdam and bought five diffrent KLM miniature huisjes.
My total collection is fourteen and it will cost at least another £1,500 to complete it.
I was informed by a resident that brides and grooms in Amsterdam, are given a replica of the palace by Bols. What a nice gift.
There are now 88 huisjes in the collection, the latest is a replica of "'t Lootsje", the former Amsterdam tasting room of the leading genever manufacturer, Lucas Bols.
A complete collection of the huisjescan be viewed at Bols' headquarters in Amsterdam.
For admission details visit
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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

More Christmas Cards

This was the first batch of Christmas cards that I made, the carpet is full of glitter which twinkles when the light is switched on.
There will be more cards made in the next few days.
I had planned to make lace cards this year, time just ran away. Could be that next years cards will be made earlier.
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Christmas Cards

Well now mac's niece made me feel quite guilty about lack of crafting over the last few weeks.
There are projects on the go here, although I have had a spell of reading.
However I have taken a leaf out of her book and made some Christmas cards, not 130 though I am full of admiration for her.
These are made with a tree cut out, filled with 'makower uk' printed material which has been padded to give an embossed effect.
I bought the material to make our grandson an advent calendar using these small pictures as the pockets for the basic large tree shape background.
In my voluntary work I travel to villages and have found some very nice craft shops. As a consequence my craft shelves are filling up with future projects.
I have more cards which I will show in the next entry.
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Monday, 15 October 2007

Sri Lanka Wedding Elephant

This is a picture of a ceremonial elephant, believed to bring good fortune, at a wedding in Sri Lanka.
The elephant was kept in the grounds of the Kani Lanka Hotel and Spa for four days, to cover several weddings that took place there.
It takes four hours a day to bath the elephant in the river close by, to wash and hydrate it as well as keep it cool.
They are very short sighted, however have amazing hearing.
We never found out where it was kept while it stayed there and there was no noise made at any time.
You just walked about the grounds and turning a corner came across the elephant.
There were many wild life species to see while we were there and would guess that there are a good amount more that we did not see, owing to their ability to hide or blend in well with the scenery.
We had a lovely holiday and our memories will stay with us for a long time.
I will post more soon.
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Environmental Caring

Today is Blogger's day when we discuss issues close to our hearts, mine is concerning the environment.

You may have noticed that many blogger's have been discussing recycling for some time now, posting various web addresses to enable you to clear items from your home which you no longer need, there by preventing over burdening the land fill sites.
If you have ever used E Bay or Free cycle you will have been helping the environment, others and yourself as the saying goes 'your trash is someones treasure'.

Compost making and Wormeries are also a topic of discussion as by recycling garden and kitchen waste you will have the benefit of improving your garden's soil and productivity.
Local Authorities recycle Christmas Trees as well as the green waste that is collected fortnightly in some areas.

My concern is to do with a substance we are unable to live without. WATER. Think of what it would mean to you, if there was a water shortage and we were all rationed on the water we could use.
In some third world countries they have two wells in the garden one for clothes washing and household cleaning, the other for personal care. This is collected rain water.
What do we do with our rain water, fill the pond, water the plants.
The Eden project recycles rain water to service its Public Toilets.

Reflect on the following.

The amount of water wasted through a dripping tap. If you are unable to afford to fix the tap at least save the water and use it for every day usage.

Over filling a kettle with water you will not use, you will not have to wait as long for the kettle to boil if there is less in it. You will also spend less on electricity.
You can also buy an element that you place in a cup to boil for one cup use.

Wash your hair separately to showering, it uses more water through a power shower.

If you do not have a loo with a double size flush facility and wish to lower the amount lost by
each flush. Fill one or two empty plastic 500 mil bottles with water and place these in the cistern. They will lower the amount of water used.
Do not use a brick particles of the brick breaking off damage the cisterns working.

Use a hand spray of water to rinse the windows not a bucket of water.

I am sure that many of you know of more ways to save water please feel free to respond to me and I will make sure that I incorporate your methods as well as my own in the efforts to save this valuable commodity

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Last Rose of Summer

This is a picture of a rose given to me by special friends in memory of the wonderful time we had together celebrating their Ruby wedding anniversary on 26 September 2007. May there be many more celebrations Nita and Richard.
I have placed it near the front door as a welcome to all who call, as well as a reminder of my friends each time I leave or return home.
I did not expect it to flower this year given the change in weather conditions so it is a lovely surprise.
Other half and I are off for a holiday soon and we plan to take as many photographs as possible, to show you when we return.
I am hoping that there is some lace amongst the photos, done by other enthusiasts.
I have packed in my case a lace project to take with me, as well as a Kumihimo Disc and bobbins for in the aircraft, to make a cord for the purse I am knitting . I do not think that will breach any aviation rules.
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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Meme Tag

I have been along with others tagged by dancin' fool, having given some thought to the set questions below I have chosen as follows mind it dates me.

1) If you could have super powers, what would they be? and what would you do with them?

2) Were you to find yourself stranded on an Island with a CD could happen........what would your 10 blogger Island discs be?

3) If you were a smell what would it be?

4) What bird would you most like to be?

5) If you were a bird who's head would you most like to poo on?

6) Are there any foods that your body craves?

7) What is your favourite time of the year?

8) What is your favourite time of the day?

9) If a change is as good as a rest which would you choose?

10) If you could have a dinner party and invite any five people from the past or present who would they be?

Well there is plenty there to think about.

1) The power to give to the medical profession the ability destroy all Physical and Mental illness or Disease.

2) my 10 Cd's would be

Aretha Franklin I Say a Little Prayer for You
10cc I'm Not in Love
Andrew Lloyd Weber's, I Don't know How to Love Him. From Jesus Christ Super Star
Andrew Lloyd Weber's, Pia Jesu sung by Sarah Brightman and Miles Kingston
Mamas and Papas Dedicated to the one I Love
Elaine Page and Barbara Dickson I Know Him So Well
The Flying Pickets All I Needed was the Love you Gave
Phil Collins and Phil Baily Easy Lover
Phil Collins Against All Odds
Karen Carpenter Love Me For What I Am

I think that having listened to them for a while I would be longing for some one to be with me.

3) I would like to smell as a sun warmed Rose.

4) I would like to be a Barn Owl, wonderful flight, good eye sight, and not hunted.

5) I would most like to poo on Pete Docherty from Baby Shambles, he has so much and seems unaware of it.

6) Foods that I crave are Fish, rice and honey.

7) My favourite time of the year is Spring, the awakening season full of pleasures and surprises.

8) My favourite time of day is the evening, having completed the days assignments and ventures I have time to relax, enjoy myself and contemplate.

9) I would choose change over rest , just think when your feet are killing you, a change of shoes is bliss.

10) A dinner party well I would invite Clarrisa Dickson Wright formerly from The Two Fat Ladies, such a learned person and a exceptional speaker.
Jane Austin who had a wonderful way with words.
Stephen Fry so much knowledge and interesting with it also.
Richard Burton actor, who I could listen to for hours with that sonorous voice.
Richard Attenborough actor, because I have enjoyed his films for a long time.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Don't Dump That

A while ago I listed various sites that enabled recycling, since then I have found another site which cover 107 towns in the country.

It contains map locations and details of what to do.
Makes going green so much better.

The Edging

It took eight hours to do the last round with the little medallions on.
Now it is all finished I am at a loose end.
Although I had started another spread a couple of weeks ago, the same pattern but in a different yarn.
I plan to take a couple of smaller projects with me on holiday soon. I will publish these when they are completed.

I had waited a couple of weeks to make a blog entry in order to finish the spread and to show it. I hope that any viewers did not mind the time that I took.
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Close up

This is a close up of the squares pattern. I had not seen the large crosses until I took a photo and I have enjoyed seeing the overall view.
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Lace Beadspread

At last the bedspread is finished. I will add a couple of different angles showing the border and a close up of the squares.
By 01.00am this morning I thought having finished, that I would work out the time taken to complete the spread which came to 410 hours.
There is 9600 grams of yarn and it is heavy.
The spread is made for a king size bed, which I do not own. I have padded this bed with every quilt that I have to make it broader.
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Thursday, 9 August 2007


I have looked after this aromatic herb plant for several years now, having bought it as a five inch, two twig seedling from a farmers market.
It is now five feet high. My neighbour calls it the fuzzy plant. The leaves and the berries are used in cooking.
The queen mother was once quoted as saying that love will survive in a family, if a myrtle is planted to the left of the front door of a home.
Love was here before the myrtle and remains here all these years later.
Now it serves as a reminder each time I see it, that love is something to be treasured.
In the garden I am like a child in a sweet shop, I look for plants which I particularly like and am concerned if they have not appeared in time, or appear to be suffering
and have given up saying that one is my favourite as I love them all.
My thought is to ensure that each day I stop and look at all the wonderful things which are around me, and give thanks for my many blessings.
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Friday, 3 August 2007

The world viewed from my back garden

This is a photograph of begonias in a blue pot in my garden.
After some gifted assistance from Picasa it made me think of the pictures sent back from the moon landings of the world.
I am still crafting and giving priority to the spread, which is down to the last twenty four squares now, then its the surround.
I will post a photo as soon as its done.
By the way I was told an amusing thing this week, for a senior moment.
Craft = Can't remember a flipping thing.
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Monday, 16 July 2007

Avoiding our addition to the waste mountain

I read an article by Peter May yesterday and was interested to note a few of the many recycling venues available to assist us with de cluttering our homes, sheds and gardens, as well as limiting our addition to the ever growing waste mountain of reusable goods.
I also read a while ago that the first and last thing that can be seen at land near some airports, as you either become airborne or approach touchdown, is the mountains of white goods which require a specific recycling programme.
I thought that I could help by listing just a few more recycling sites, which you may find of use. which is a free to use service owned by Ebay. You can either sell, swap or give away items on this site which has many sites in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Austrailia, New Zealand and Poland. Computer Aid International, self explanatory. Community recycling network. Which went national in 2004, all aspects of exchange and good for house clearance it also boasts of house swapping. Which provide details of organisations that can recycle both home and workspace waste.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Rambler Rose

This is a picture of a rambling rose planted in our garden three months ago. You have the benefit of seeing it I have the added pleasure of being able to enjoy its smell
it is lovely.
I have had my grandson over to stay and we did all manner of things in the garden. Starting with playing with cars, to playing Frisbee, then collecting the windfalls, ending with a spot of gardening, I must say at this point he has an eye for design as well as a talent for directing the labourers.
To be honest he is not afraid to apply himself to work and we completed a good amount before the rain drove us inside again.
While I would appreciate some summer sunshine, I noticed that several plants which had suffered through last years dry spell have recovered and are now looking very nice with the heavy rain fall. The apple and plum trees are also showing a heavy crop.
Through the mind of a child.
I took my grandson out for a walk in the village today and showed him the local school. On telling him that his mother attended that school and his aunty when they were younger. He said 'so thats where they met'. I have a smile on my face as I tell you this.
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Monday, 9 July 2007

Miniature collection

This is the photograph of the remaining miniatures in my collection and the last one on the right, with the beige cap is the second one received this weekend.
Each one is numbered and I have a list of them when I travel overseas in order that I do not duplicate any.
We had a lovely weekend, all of our family enjoy get together and use these occasions as a reason to celebrate with a favourite family meal and lots of laughter.
May this trend continue for a long time. This is not a hint for gifts girls.
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Family gathering

I have been collecting these miniatures for several years now, having received the first one on the left as a gift from my mother, who knew my liking for all miniature things. During a visit to my daughter this weekend she surprised me with two new miniatures to add to my collection and I could not wait to share it with you.
One of new ones is second from the left with a beige cap. The second will be shown in the next photograph.
I plan to travel to Amsterdam later this year and will be on the look out for more of these Delft ware items which represent some of the landmark buildings in Amsterdam. Thank you again daughter.
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Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Tree Identity
I will need a couple of arboriculturists to identify this tree for me. It was imposing, and must have been there for some considerable time given its size.
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Tree beside the lock.
When I saw this tree beside Lock Tay,I recalled what lovely photos dancin' fool had on her site. I have given you the close up view I found so interesting and the next photo will show the whole tree.
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Kenmore Perthshire

The Bridge over the Tay

We have just returned from a weeks holiday in Kenmore,Perth shire and this is a picture of the bridge over the Tay just outside of Kenmore village.
The white building in the background is the Kenmore Hotel, noted for its quality and service as well as a poem written on the chimney breast,by Robert Burns.
The swift moving low cloud was with us every day, embracing the trees and hills and obliterating all views each night.
There was a good deal of rain through the week, but not as bad as the rest of the country.
Our thoughts are with all people who have been affected by the flooding.
We had hoped to walk part way down the Tay, however so much water had fallen that it made the journey a little risky and certainly very muddy.
It was a lovely week and our batteries are recharged. The bedspread grew to fourty squares in the the week we were away.
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Saturday, 16 June 2007


This is an Acer that I have planted under a pine tree in our garden.
When the weather improves I hope to have another three species
planted along this garden bed which has several trees in it.
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Monday, 11 June 2007

Peony power.

This was taken a week ago when we had rain and
westerly winds. Unfortunately the blooms are too heavy
to withstand the weather they received. I will help them next year with a frame to support them.
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Flower power.

This is a peony in our front garden. It shows how much sun is on it today. I could not resist taking a leaf out of mac's neice and dancin' fool sites, to show a picture of what is begging to be seen.
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Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Recycle at no cost

Another brief chat about recycling its well worth looking up the following site.

You will need to register and the web page will tell you the nearest county site to you.
then you can advertise items you no longer want as well as look for things you do want.
There is no cost involved.

Spring cleaning

Last night the other 1/2 and I decided to clear out the garage today, this would mean in order to get a morning start that I would begin and the other 1/2 join me later.
Well I started at 08.00am and was making lots of organised piles on the drive, of objects which had not seen the light of day for how ever long.
1/2 joined me after a while and was asked to put the bikes in the shed ,as then the car could be in the garage. After the clean out that is.
Well the bikes were wheeled round to the shed and tyres pumped up. On opening the sheds though 1/2 found that there was so much in there that the bikes would not fit in, back they came to the garage

It now being 10.45am 1/2 decided that we needed to go shopping for some lunch items, so he took off and I continued with the clearing.
My decorating pile, 1/2s tool pile, charity pile, tip pile, recycle bin, dust bin, and garden tools which had been left in the wrong place. A good sweep out which will no doubt cause another job. Like wash down the drive. Why do spiders come back in the place once you have swept them out?
On his return from town 1/2 helped with the re homing of items we would keep.
Its now 1.45pm.
Although the car is still out side, I am satisfied that given a spring clean of the shed, then it will be housed.

Gem stones

Do you recall my being tagged by dancin'fool to state seven things about myself that I would share.
Recall the one regarding being in a gem store and handling the gems?
Surprise it has come to fruition.
Again I share with you a site which may well interest you crafters out there.

I have visited the site very nice it is too and a catalogue is in the post as we speak.

Safe to say I will be able to handle all the gems I can afford.

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Knitters and Crocheters Guild

Can you imagine my horror I wrote a huge blog and lost it, ah , well here I go again.
Having applied to the above guild for membership, I have received my membership card and various paperwork.
In case any of you are interested then I will give you contact details I promise you will not be disappointed.

It was established in 1978 and just some of its aims are to promote knitting and crochet, encourage exhibitions , integrate with other communities and facilitate the sharing of different skills and techniques.
The guild has a well established library and maintains a collection of knitted and crocheted artefact's and ephemera.
The guild publishes various leaflets and a journal 'Slip Knot'.
While I read my copy I noted that the guild also in involved in felting and dying as well as freeform working even textiles are included.
I wondered just where I would fit in with this organisation.
Should I become a coordinator of a local branch, become a fundraiser or give my time producing items for the guild.
Well I will keep you informed.

Back to busy hands, the spread is growing well, it is becoming too heavy to work when I join the next squares on so, I have put the body in a cotton shoulder bag and this serves several tasks. It keeps it clean, takes the weight and makes it more maneuverable, this means that I can take it on holiday as I work crafts every day.
The bowls jacket is not finished yet it only needs the fronts and back armhole shaping to complete it then I can sew it together.
Also in the making is a knitted Victorian handbag, it is worked in the round and has two inch squares in basket weave and set diamond wise.
There are usually several items on the go, as when watching TV I can relax with some projects and others need more concentration.
Ever the moth er flitting from one thing to another.

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Lace Bedspread Project
Well now just to let you know that the hands have been busy. I have been working on this for a few days now and thought that you may like to see what it looks like even though it is still in progress.
I only saw the large crosses when I set it up for the photo, I am quite pleased with the effect.
Two more squares have been added since the photo so its growing at a good rate.
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Thursday, 24 May 2007

Tagged again

Dancin' fool has tagged me to list seven personal things about myself that I am comfortable to share, next to pass the message onto seven other people. Sad to say I do not have seven people who are bloggers to send it to. I hope to rectify this soon.

1) I have a capacity for patience when it comes to anything to do with crafts, books, gardening, animals and children, however I can blow a fuse when asked to make a fast decision about every day things.

2) I like to sit alone in the dark in the early hours in my frontroom and reflect on family and life events.

3) I love to read a book in the bath. Never with borrowed books as I have been known to drop one in the bath.

4) I find it hard to avoid book shops and craft shops. When I was younger it was kitchen wear shops as well.

5) I enjoy writing letters and cards to people more so than phone calls and e mails.

6) I set myself impossible targets and get cross with myself when I can not complete them all.

7) I have always wanted to be in a gem shop and look and handle the gems, I do not want to own them just feel them and see their facets.

thank you Dancin' fool.

I have been tagged

Well dancin' fool has tagged me to open the nearest book to me, turn to page 161,then to print the fifth full sentence on the page.
Fun and games as the first book in my study is a dictionary the word is cogent, convincing, compelling, the second was a knitting book with instructions to knit through the back of the loop,knit two together.
My reading book in the sittingroom however was more interesting.
Who has not seen a woman hide the dulness of a stupid husband, or coax the fury of a savage one? We accept this amiable slavishness,and praise a woman for it; we call this pretty treachery truth.
Vanity Fair
WM Thackery

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Embroiderers Guild Member

Well today after a considerable wait I became a member of the embroiderers guild. I sit here with my lapel pin on and a good amount of information to read through, I will keep the reading for the evenings when the light fades.
I will start my blackwork as a project for the guild. This has to be done in the spring and summer as working with black yarn in the winter is a strain on the eyes even on a white background.
Being a morning person I can move mountains between the early hours and 13.00pm.
After this I slow down a bit but still carry on with my crafts what ever the time of day. I have also been known to stay up all night to complete a project.
Having started the white bed spread I am enjoying it. As I work I let my mind wonder as to the various finishing touches that I can add to the project.
My mind recalled a previous white spread for a kingsize bed, made for a colleague. It draped the floor considerably. This is an accident waiting to happen.
Therefore I plan to let the recessed edging be of material and just touch the floor.
I will get a photo up on site soon and you can share the pleasure with me.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Lace project

Well as you can see I have had my hands busy again this time with yarn rather than a camera or trowel.
I relax when I am creating items and this one pleased me a good deal. I hope that the intended recipient enjoys it as much.
I only had enough yarn to make a bed runner. However I have found sufficient yarn in white to make the full bed spread.
As you may recall I said that a spread was not to far away. I hope you like the photos.

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