Monday, 20 December 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

Just popped out to see what the views were through the camera lens.
Earth stood hard as iron water like a stone.
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O Tannenbaum

While I thank my lucky stars that the snow has missed us, this time.
Thoughts are being given to all of the people who's lives are being made difficult by it.
We do have exceptionally cold weather it was -7 at lunch time and is now dropping fast.
The pine tree looked very pleasing, rimmed over with frost and I thought I would share it with you.
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Saturday, 18 December 2010

St Denys Church and copy

Hi well Sensory Dragon asked to see the church, so I popped down to town and took a couple of pictures of the original.
The last one is the copy. Three feet by four feet long.
It is a wooden model frame, with the knitted church covering it.
There are another four to make so I will keep you informed about them.
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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Saying it with Flowers

Today is the day that the knitted St Denys Church, is to be handed over to the vicar of the originl St Denys Church in Sleaford, in time for the Christmas services.

All of us who had worked on the church, met at The Hub and were delighted to be invited to a lunch by the ArtsNK staff.

Thank you ArtsNK.

Its was followed by a photo shoot by the local press.

It was nice to join together again with group members Marion, Val, Pat, Sheila, Audrey and Dawn, this time without the stress of deadlines.

I was very surprised after the photos had been taken,
to be presented with the lovely flowers you see above and a thank you card signed by all group members, for
joining them and assisting in the completion of the project.

My thanks to you ladies for the gift and the opportunity to become involved in your project.
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Monday, 6 December 2010

The Sun Will Come Out

Having shared the cold and winter's weather with you yesterday,
I thought that you may like to see today's change.
Unbroken blue sky, which was very welcome, and wonderful sunshine.
Its still very cold but I can live with that as long as the sun shines.
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Sunday, 5 December 2010

This time of the year

Its arrived again.
For the first time since it started, the Lincoln Christmas Market has been unable to open,
due to weather conditions.
Nice to be sat indoors looking out.
Be well and safe everyone.
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St Denys Church

The church has resided at my home for two weeks, for me to finish off the windows towers and buttresses.
It is now done and on Friday it was returned to the ArtNK studio.
As with all larger projects, there is a feeling of anticlimax when the task is finished.
I had put tasks aside to complete this so its just a matter of getting back in gear.
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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Lake District tree changing direction

We spent a week in the lake district.
It is reputed to be the wettest place in England, and was while we were there.
This tree caught my attention, so camera to the ready I took a few shots.
Seeing the wonderful views in that part of the country, even in bad weather conditions ,while in a car.
Has not stopped me wanting to return there.
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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Birthday greetings Nana

My grandson wanted to buy me a birthday present, and I wanted a gecko transfer for my car.
As you can see he fixed it for me. Thank you Aidan.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Blog Action Day 2010

Today is Blog Action Day
The Theme is Water

How this half of the Industrial World live

The pictures shown above (click on the pictures to enlarge) show a very small proportion of the abundance of water in parts of Europe.
While some of this water is being stored for Industry, consumption and irrigation.
Much of it is considered a leisure facility.

Vast quantities are used for Aquariums centres, Water Theme Parks, to Water Features and Swimming pools.
Irrigation of Golf Clubs and Private lands held by Stately Home owners.

Here in the UK, animal owners are breaking the law, if their animals are not provided with fresh and adequate drinking water.
I am amongst those who check that the garden birds have fresh drinking and bathing water each day and more checks on it in the summer, when they have higher needs for their young.

The other half of the World though do not have the means to slake their thirst, let alone even consider this style of water abuse, that is happening all the time in this part of the world.

Is out of Sight out of Mind

There are nearly one billion people who lack access to clean water, in the developing world.

There is a belief that the earth contains a specific amount of fresh water.
This is being used and abused never to be replenished.

Are we too, to join the above deprived people eventually.
Quite a mind provoking thought.
Conservation starts at home.

Today the plight of the developing world is being brought to your attention.
Please act now. Remember There but for the grace of God go I.

Water Solutions

Building Wells: organisations like and charity:water, are leading the move to bring water into the developing world.
It is never too late to help others, nor is your offer too small.
Give a Christmas gift to humanity, the gift of life.
Please visit Blog Action for more details of what is happening and what you may be able to help with to create change.
To see other blogs posting this theme go to
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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Meme sharing

I have been tagged by Dancin' from over at In The Pink.

The meme is a bit of fun and shares a laugh with bloggers, in fact anyone wishing to share a little time.
Please feel free to join in.

Copy these instructions and the questions into a new post, post it with your answers, visit five new or known bloggers and leave them with a link to your relevant post, inviting them to take part and leave them a comment letting them know your post is up.

1. If you could have super powers what would they be and what would you do with them?
Feel free to be selfish, you do not have to save the world.

2 Where would you find your self stranded on an Island with a CD player.......It could happen.......what would your top ten blogger Island discs be?

3 If you were a smell what would it be?

4 What bird would you most like to be?

5 If you were a bird, who's head would you most like to poo on?

6 Are there any foods that your body craves?

7 What is your favourite time of the year?

8 What is your favourite time of the day?

9 If a change is as good as a rest which would you choose?

10 If you could have a dinner party and invite any of ten people from the past or the present who would they be? (living or deceased)

Well that takes some thinking about, on a light note however.

1 Super powers.
I would like a magic nose like Samantha in "Bewitched"
To move the furniture when I am cleaning or just to change things around.
Which also has a hidden benefit of freezing a moment, to get me out of a tricky situation.

2 I would like an Island some where in the Mediterranean, which has plenty of good light and warm breezes. Trees for shade and a huge amount of fruits.
Then I could enjoy listening to my favourite top ten blogger discs.

Aretha Franklin, Say a little Prayer for me.
Mamas and Papas, Dedicated to the one I love.
Barbara Streisand, Memories.
Bangles, Eternal Flame
Leslie Garrett, The Flower Song.
Elkie Brooks, Knights in White Satin
Barbara Streisand, Enough is Enough
Phil Collins and Phil Bailey, She's an easy Lover
Phil Collins Against all Odds
Meatloaf, Bat out of Hell

Cheating I have to add an all time favourite
Sarah Brightman and Miles Kingston Pia Jesu

It was hard to restrict myself as music is so much part of me, it is balanced with some good belters to get rid of any angst I may be feeling at any time.

3 A smell, well a Lemon its clean, astringent and awakening, so useful too.

4 A bird !!!!!!! A Humming Bird small agile and colourful.

5 I am not given to strong feeling of dislike. However, I feel that between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown they have done a lot of damage, which the repercussions are to be felt and delt with by the public, for a long time. Can I have a case of the runs and poo on both of their heads.

6 Food cravings. A toss up between Cheese and Fish.
Cheese since I was a child and fish latterly oh and Marmite. If you too like these, then cream cheese and Marmite sandwiches are lovely.

7 Favourite time of the year. SPRING, emerging from the winter with its unclothed fields and trees.
I suffer what the old folk call the green sickness. I must see green in winter it goes with being a Libra .

8 Favourite time of the day. Early morning, watching the sun rise and burn off the mist.

9 If a change is as good as a rest.
Well I would choose the change, as this would indicate that I had already done something or been some where. I would want to extend the enjoyment for as long as I could.

10 My guests at my dinner party would include:

Kaffe Fassett because of my love of crochet and knitting and now design.
Kenny Everett no need to say why.
Billy Connelly as a foil for Kenny.
Ronnie Barker.Full of surprises.
Alistair Simms, such a brilliant actor.
Richard Burton, the same and I could listen to his voice for ever.
Margaret Thatcher.Cat amongst the pigeons.
Dan Brown the author, another cat to cause amusement.
Clement Freud. What would he make of my guests and me!!!!!!!!!!!
Kenneth Branagh an actor I rate highly.

I have tagged three people for this Meme.

Silvia from Blogging in the slow lane.
Imac from Photos from the Minds Eye
Donna from Donna B Good

Saturday, 25 September 2010

St Denys Outing

I mentioned about St Denys Church having an outing to Mablethorpe last weekend.
Well what a wonderful experience it was.
The church was displayed at the Bathing Belles beach huts and received a good amount of interest from the public, whilst the event was not intended to be a fund raiser,it raised nearly £50.00.
This money has been sent to Help The Hero's Fund.
A local clergy person took inspiration from the project and is weaving it into his sermon this week.
Another person offered to buy the Church for £500. even in its uncompleted state.

A compliment indeed.

The people involved in this project produce craft exhibits for Arts NK.
Visual Arts in North Kesteven.
more information can be found at

There are many groups of individuals, all ages and walks of life, who are committed to the huge umbrella of Arts and Crafts.

The Nettles a nature area in Sleaford is part of their on going work.

The Knitting group, which I attend, knits huge projects which travel around the country.
A knitted shed and garden surrounding it complete with fencing, is just one.

The swimming pool another and as you will have gathered St Denys Church.

Last week, ArtNK hosted a meeting to discuss local involvement with Cultural Olympiad, which is taking place in Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Rutland during 2011.
Not for profit organisations can apply to run programmes events or activities through The Inspire Programme. contact Paul

Some of the suggestions raised were, for each village to compose a new carol, flags to be designed and flown for the occasion, Church and Hand bell ringing, Mosaic work, Sculptures in various mediums and Knitting projects for the occasion.

The meeting hi lighted Arts projects completed in the county, for the Queen's Silver Jubilee and the Millennium.
A smile was raised when one project was shown. It had started out as a mosaic of moderate dimensions and now is almost 30 feet long by 6 high. We all love our chosen Arts.
Many of the works have become an Arts Trail, visit Nocton and you will get to see how The Saphire Festival arts are projected into the community.
In Baxindale a working Sundial sculpture is on display.

There is enjoyment when travelling throughout Counties, you come across a sculpture or art project on view. Well there are also volunteers engaged in bringing this pleasure to you.
Why not join them.

If you have any ideas or interest then please contact

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Stone work for the Church with a charity bear

The Church is growing and each week when we meet,
to attach all the bits made, we are pleased to see it morphing.

It started its touring this weekend.
Travelling to Mablethorpe,
for any residents to look at and discuss forming their own group,
to start the second Church in the project.

As you recall I collect Delft Wear houses and which in their display,
look like a street in Amsterdam.
I have a vision of the Churches side by side in all their glory.
It will be quite spectacular.
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Friday, 10 September 2010

Silverstone Experience

Dancin' from over at In the Pink, treated Lord L, otherwise known as my other half,
to a driving experience day for Fathers Day.

On the 9 September we travelled to Silverstone race course, for him to experience driving
an Aston Martin, on this wonderful track.
As you can see the weather was very kind to us all.
It was a surprise to see the number on his car, although this made it all the more memorable.
The pictures show the start, drive and finish. If you click on the picture it will enlarge for you.
It was a wonderful time for us all. Huge smiles of enjoyment by everyone.
After we stopped to have a break in the restaurant and would you believe it, the heavens opened with vengeance.

Thank you dancin', what a fantastic years experiences we have had from you.
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Monday, 6 September 2010

Sutton Bonington Show

Sunday was the day the public could attend the Sutton Bonington show in Leicestershire, the local events having already been held on Saturday.
We travelled to the venue, to join both of our daughters and our eight year old grandson.
It was packed with revellers, who had either children or dogs or both in tow.
The many and mixed smells of cooking wafted about the large field, which was set out with many craft exhibit tents, side shows, various activities, birds of prey, bee keeping, hen coops, garden nurseries, tombola, cake stalls, Ferret runs, calf's, sheep, archery, mini golf, to name but a few.
The central arena continually changed, as log chopping events gave way to various breeds of different animals on show.
I never heard a cross word in the 31/2 hours we were there, evidence of the good time being had by everyone.
We had taken a picnic lunch and found a quiet spot near by to enjoy our break.
Dancin' from over at In the Pink, ( blog site in my side bar on the right) was the only one to remember to take photos.
I will have to refer you to her site to do the show its full justice, as a very memorable day out.
Next years event will be on September 4 2011. If you are looking for a good fun day out, I can assure you this will be the place where you will find it.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Persian Slippers

And here is a pair I made earlier.

I was at a loss of what to do while waiting for an appointment on Wednesday, so started these slippers. They are made in double strands of four ply cotton and
are run up quickly.
I am sure they will serve someone well.
A friend in the village has asked for a pair, for when they are on holiday. Easy to pack, light and washable.

Then while hunting through one of my pattern stores yesterday, looking for 40s jumpers and children's jumper patterns for a friend.
I found several patterns that I had been meaning to make. A small pile has joined the Christmas cards waiting to be made.

Never idle hands here.
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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Woolly Spires

I mentioned on my blog about St Denys Church having solar panels fitted,
to reduce its Carbon Footprint.

Well in Sleaford a small group of volunteers are part of an Arts project,
I am one of them, and we are knitting a model of the church.
Its three feet high.

If you look on facebook under Woolly Spires,
you will see what is being made.

Here picture one is the knitted solar panel awaiting placement.
Click on the picture to enlarge it.
Underneath are two of the roof towers, also the gate way to the side porch of the church.
I understand that the homeless used to sleep out in this porch.
They have had accommodation found.
The space has since been closed in and taken into the church.

Next are two of the three belfry window panels.
The third is already made and fitted.

There are six doors to the church. The main one is again already fitted.
These are the remaining five.
There are wonderful stonework panels about the roof and crenelations.
I have started these and am waiting for group agreement as
to which should be used.

When the church is completed it will travel the county.
Another four churches are planned to be knitted from various points of Lincolnshire.

Eventually the five churches will be displayed in The Usher Gallery In Lincoln.
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Monday, 23 August 2010

Mini Cooper Sport Driving Experience

In March I received a mum's day gift of a Driving Experience in a Mini Cooper Sport,
from Dancin' over at In the Pink.

On Saturday 21 August a warm and overcast day,
Dancin' took me and my family, to Rockingham in Corby, Northampton, where I took the experience.
What a thrilling day it was.

I was amongst a huge group of people taking part in various driving experiences.
In the above pictures, three of which contain the Mini Cooper Sport that I was driving,
you will see some of the other vehicles.

The time passed quickly but is still clear in my mind. I did not mind moving aside for a Lamborghini and a Ferrari.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, and am still walking about with a huge smile on my face.
Thank You Dancin'.
I can not think of anything which will beat that experience.
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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Blog Layout

What a lovely weekend.
We shared it with Dancin' at "In the Pink", Mr Dancin' and the pups.
More about the weekend tomorrow, when I will post some pictures.
I was so pleased that Dancin' could show me how to change the layout design on my blog.
I like Acer's and have several in the garden, so this design seemed appropriate.
Let me know what you think of it.
Thank you Dancin'

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Navigation Wharf Mooring.

A while back I mentioned the Swing Bridge, picture three,being built across the River Slea.
The rational was that river visitors could travel near to the town, moor and enjoy a break, while shopping.
Since then funds have been applied for and a slip way and mooring point, built for Canal boats.
There is no access to this area by river yet.
It would be lovely to think that this could be accomplished, in the future though.
In the mean time what a lovely place to set a floating eating house.
There is a public house near by called the Barge and Bottle.
Enough said perfect.
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Friday, 25 June 2010

Rainbow and Bee's in my garden

Ah ha.
Now I remember how to get all the photos in one entry.
If you click on a picture it will enlarge it.
This picture is especially for our grandson.
Who yesterday had a tumble and broke his arm.
Get well soon Aidan.
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Rainbows and Bee's in the garden.

Remember the old mantra for memorising the colours of the rainbow,

Richard of York gave battle in vain.

Here is my rainbow of flowers and a picture of the birds nesting box,
which has been taken over by bee's.

You will have to look at the second batch of photos, to see the bee's and more of the rainbow.
I am not skilled enough to enter them all on this post.
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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Riverside Walking

It is so sunny and hot we decided that a walk by the river would be cooling.
We were not alone as many dog lovers take their pets down to cool off.
These pictures show other reasons to enjoy the walk.
A Mallard taking in the sun.
A tree fallen, which has received a helping hand to thrive in The Nettles.
'The Nettles' nature reserve, which has a team of craft's people who make the thickets
and voluntees who help to keep the area clear of wind strewn rubbish.
May I thank MissM for alerting me to my mistake in naming this area Lollycocks field.
A Moorhen, starting to build her nest.
There a plenty of fish in the river which shows good water quality.
We did see a 12 inch trout,although most other visible fish were no biger
than 6 or 7 inches.

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