Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Sky Watch Friday 24

I have been off line for a time, while I am not sure what caused the problem.
I thank Dancin' from In The Pink for getting me back on line.

At the end of last week, we had a lovely show of colour for a sun set. Lord L took these pictures.
After so many cloud laden and light absorbing skies, this was a most welcome break.
To see many more views from around the world, just click on the Sky Watch Banner in my side bar.

Many thanks to all the team monitoring Sky Watch.
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Lord L's birthday.

Lord L had a landmark birthday this month.
Everyone spoiled him, rightly so.

For Lord L's birthday, Mac's Niece and our grandson came over for the day. Besides having a wonderful meal ( a requirement in this family for a get together) He received with other gifts two tickets to see Madam Butterfly showing in Leicester next month and this will be followed by another family get together. It was a lovely day.

I think the second ticket is for me. I wait with baited breath.

Dancin' and her guy came over for a stay with the pups, with more wonderful gifts and of course a big hug. A wonderful meal and equally wonderful evening was had by all.

I have to wonder if I also had a second birthday as I was spoilt with gifts.

I do not know if telling family that you love and appreciate them, is enough for them to know just how much you mean it.
Appreciation of time, given by working members of the family.
Time management for those with other family commitments.
Loving us enough to make such lovely surprises also.

May I say here and now THANK YOU and we love and appreciate you all.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


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Meet Wall.e
I saw this toy pre Christmas and thought that he would
become a popular gift.
That is in fact so he was a top seller.
He was given to me by dancin' over at In the Pink.
Last weekend dancin and her guy, brought the DVD over
for us to watch.
What a great film full of morals, with the right amount of humor too.
If you have not seen the film already then I can recommend it to you.

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