Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Tree Identity
I will need a couple of arboriculturists to identify this tree for me. It was imposing, and must have been there for some considerable time given its size.
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Tree beside the lock.
When I saw this tree beside Lock Tay,I recalled what lovely photos dancin' fool had on her site. I have given you the close up view I found so interesting and the next photo will show the whole tree.
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Kenmore Perthshire

The Bridge over the Tay

We have just returned from a weeks holiday in Kenmore,Perth shire and this is a picture of the bridge over the Tay just outside of Kenmore village.
The white building in the background is the Kenmore Hotel, noted for its quality and service as well as a poem written on the chimney breast,by Robert Burns.
The swift moving low cloud was with us every day, embracing the trees and hills and obliterating all views each night.
There was a good deal of rain through the week, but not as bad as the rest of the country.
Our thoughts are with all people who have been affected by the flooding.
We had hoped to walk part way down the Tay, however so much water had fallen that it made the journey a little risky and certainly very muddy.
It was a lovely week and our batteries are recharged. The bedspread grew to fourty squares in the the week we were away.
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Saturday, 16 June 2007


This is an Acer that I have planted under a pine tree in our garden.
When the weather improves I hope to have another three species
planted along this garden bed which has several trees in it.
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Monday, 11 June 2007

Peony power.

This was taken a week ago when we had rain and
westerly winds. Unfortunately the blooms are too heavy
to withstand the weather they received. I will help them next year with a frame to support them.
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Flower power.

This is a peony in our front garden. It shows how much sun is on it today. I could not resist taking a leaf out of mac's neice and dancin' fool sites, to show a picture of what is begging to be seen.
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Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Recycle at no cost

Another brief chat about recycling its well worth looking up the following site.


You will need to register and the web page will tell you the nearest county site to you.
then you can advertise items you no longer want as well as look for things you do want.
There is no cost involved.

Spring cleaning

Last night the other 1/2 and I decided to clear out the garage today, this would mean in order to get a morning start that I would begin and the other 1/2 join me later.
Well I started at 08.00am and was making lots of organised piles on the drive, of objects which had not seen the light of day for how ever long.
1/2 joined me after a while and was asked to put the bikes in the shed ,as then the car could be in the garage. After the clean out that is.
Well the bikes were wheeled round to the shed and tyres pumped up. On opening the sheds though 1/2 found that there was so much in there that the bikes would not fit in, back they came to the garage

It now being 10.45am 1/2 decided that we needed to go shopping for some lunch items, so he took off and I continued with the clearing.
My decorating pile, 1/2s tool pile, charity pile, tip pile, recycle bin, dust bin, and garden tools which had been left in the wrong place. A good sweep out which will no doubt cause another job. Like wash down the drive. Why do spiders come back in the place once you have swept them out?
On his return from town 1/2 helped with the re homing of items we would keep.
Its now 1.45pm.
Although the car is still out side, I am satisfied that given a spring clean of the shed, then it will be housed.

Gem stones

Do you recall my being tagged by dancin'fool to state seven things about myself that I would share.
Recall the one regarding being in a gem store and handling the gems?
Surprise it has come to fruition.
Again I share with you a site which may well interest you crafters out there.


I have visited the site very nice it is too and a catalogue is in the post as we speak.

Safe to say I will be able to handle all the gems I can afford.

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Knitters and Crocheters Guild

Can you imagine my horror I wrote a huge blog and lost it, ah , well here I go again.
Having applied to the above guild for membership, I have received my membership card and various paperwork.
In case any of you are interested then I will give you contact details I promise you will not be disappointed.

It was established in 1978 and just some of its aims are to promote knitting and crochet, encourage exhibitions , integrate with other communities and facilitate the sharing of different skills and techniques.
The guild has a well established library and maintains a collection of knitted and crocheted artefact's and ephemera.
The guild publishes various leaflets and a journal 'Slip Knot'.
While I read my copy I noted that the guild also in involved in felting and dying as well as freeform working even textiles are included.
I wondered just where I would fit in with this organisation.
Should I become a coordinator of a local branch, become a fundraiser or give my time producing items for the guild.
Well I will keep you informed.

Back to busy hands, the spread is growing well, it is becoming too heavy to work when I join the next squares on so, I have put the body in a cotton shoulder bag and this serves several tasks. It keeps it clean, takes the weight and makes it more maneuverable, this means that I can take it on holiday as I work crafts every day.
The bowls jacket is not finished yet it only needs the fronts and back armhole shaping to complete it then I can sew it together.
Also in the making is a knitted Victorian handbag, it is worked in the round and has two inch squares in basket weave and set diamond wise.
There are usually several items on the go, as when watching TV I can relax with some projects and others need more concentration.
Ever the moth er flitting from one thing to another.
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