Thursday, 11 March 2010

Been together now for 43 years

And it don't seem a day too long.

How time passes, 43 years ago today and in similar weather conditions, we said I do and having tied the knot, set forth on a journey.What an astonishing trip we have had.
Two wonderful daughters and a loving grandson.
Two, plus two never to be forgotten, great dogs.
A great many lovely family and friends.
Its wonderful to look back through time, which seems so short and count our blessings.
Thank you to our daughters and grandson for making our life so full of everything worthwhile.
Thank you also to my other half who gets too little mention, for someone who is always there for me.
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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A Practical Tendency

I have thought about why I lock myself into crochet, indeed craft projects so much.
I started knitting at 6 years old. My first work was originally pink wool, which soon turned to a grubby yellowy brown, as I frogged it and restarted my project.
I recall being frustrated that I could not work with two colours.
My mothers work was so nice.

While hands and fingers fly in intricate moves
the mind becomes still,the quiet it exudes.
The nearer tranquility I try to obtain,
a sound, banishes my solitude and at oneness again.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Mothers Day

A guest and pups arrived yesterday and hand delivered an early Mothers Day Gift, flowers and card.

What a surprise I had, when I early peeped at my gift.

I hold a dream to own a Mini Cooper.

My gift is A Mini Cooper S Thrill experience.
I get to drive some laps, in a reimagining of the 60s classic, on one of four circuits,
on a date of my choosing. Wow, I am longing to arrange the booking.

I feel like Nana in Aliens in the Attic, when a device held by the aliens turns Nana into a super-ninja.
I hope to do my image proud and manage a good speed.

Thank you dancin'
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