Thursday, 9 August 2007


I have looked after this aromatic herb plant for several years now, having bought it as a five inch, two twig seedling from a farmers market.
It is now five feet high. My neighbour calls it the fuzzy plant. The leaves and the berries are used in cooking.
The queen mother was once quoted as saying that love will survive in a family, if a myrtle is planted to the left of the front door of a home.
Love was here before the myrtle and remains here all these years later.
Now it serves as a reminder each time I see it, that love is something to be treasured.
In the garden I am like a child in a sweet shop, I look for plants which I particularly like and am concerned if they have not appeared in time, or appear to be suffering
and have given up saying that one is my favourite as I love them all.
My thought is to ensure that each day I stop and look at all the wonderful things which are around me, and give thanks for my many blessings.
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Friday, 3 August 2007

The world viewed from my back garden

This is a photograph of begonias in a blue pot in my garden.
After some gifted assistance from Picasa it made me think of the pictures sent back from the moon landings of the world.
I am still crafting and giving priority to the spread, which is down to the last twenty four squares now, then its the surround.
I will post a photo as soon as its done.
By the way I was told an amusing thing this week, for a senior moment.
Craft = Can't remember a flipping thing.
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