Thursday, 6 August 2009

Sky Watch Friday 44

The Church that is Shrinking their Carbon Footprint.

This is a picture of St Denys Church in Sleaford , taken from the third floor of the hub.
The reason you are seeing this view is because the church has had 54 Solar Photovoltaic panels installed on to the church roof.

If you click on the picture you can see the sunshine glinting on the panels, under the top eight arch windows, over the first roof.

The installation was not without difficulty as being a listed building, installation needed to meet several requirements. One of these was that the panels must not interfere or alter the church structure in any way or be visible from the ground.

This is the biggest installation on a church in the country and the first church in Lincolnshire to take this step in environmental concerns.
The aim is to reduce the locations carbon footprint by 40% by 2050 by using the created electricity to supply the National Grid.

Credit is given to the Curate Rev Cullimore who headed the campaign and applied for 95% external funding from two Grant Sources.
The total cost was £56,000.

A television visit has been made to record the project.
While a programme of Songs of Praise, recorded in St Denys church,led by Aled Jones will be broad caste on 30 August to mark this occasion.

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Sky Watch was brought to us by Dot and Tom.
It has had millions of participants and viewers over the years, tuning in each week to share the wonders in the skies from all around the world.
Dot and Tom have moved on and leave the running and maintenance in the careful hands of a team of volunteers. Thanks are there for Dot and Tom and also given to the dedicated team of volunteers.

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