Thursday, 29 January 2009

Sky Watch Friday 21

Its been a dull, cold and wet two week period and I have been at a loss as to skies to post for SWF.

Lord L and I went to town today and stopped by Cogglesford Water Mill.
Lord Ls pictures are on the left and mine on the right.
The Mill is no longer used for its original purpose, however it is now a popular restaurant.

Top. First left is the back of the Mill.
Second middle is the top lake feeding the mill race.
Third right is the tilt gate over the race.

Middle . First is the front aspect of the Mill.
Next is the Swing Bridge over the river Slea ,that I spoke of two weeks ago.
It is not completed yet.

Lower . First is a close up picture of the back of the Mill.
Second is looking into the boiling water of the race.
You can see a small shaft of sun light on the wall.

To enlarge the pictures just click on the photos.

We walk along the river side now and then, there is certainly one Kingfisher,
who patrols a stretch of the river close to the Mill.

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Thanks to Dot and other past founder members of Sky Watch for setting up this meme.
Thanks also to the present volunteers who continue to assist and monitor the programme.

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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Sky Watch Friday 20

Skies over Lincolnshire

In the top centre picture is a swing bridge being installed over the River Slea, with the Mill in Moneys Yard,which marks the centre of town, behind it.

The bridge is being installed to permit canal boats access near to the centre of town, which would increase tourism.
It has been over six weeks in progress and is more than two weeks over its projected completion date.

We do not have canal boats using the shallow and narrow Slea, although there has been considerable canal restoration
work done else where in the county, to provide river travel and scenic walks between Lincoln and Boston.

The ducks are suffering as they are restricted to the lower end of the river and away from the pedestrians who would normally feed them daily.
Following Lord L and my game of bowls today, we went and fed the ducks, Moor Hens and any other hungry birds.
our pictures show eager ducks.
The skies over our town did not lend themselves to photography earlier in the day,
then everything started to happen at 2.30pm.

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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Sky Watch Friday 19

Hi everyone Happy NewYear to you all.
I went walk about on Tuesday,
(I can hear some people from Australia wincing at the term walk about, in the size of village that I live in.)
Any way the centre picture is of the moon rising at 3.00pm and -2 degrees, followed by the two of rooks nests, the rooks were gathering twigs and repairing the nests.
An old folk lore is, that the higher the nests are in the trees, is a omen of good weather to come.
If the nests are lower in the trees, then the birds know it will be windy and therefore protect their young in the lower branches which have the strength of the tree.

Please may this be true, this year according to my pictures.
The last four pictures are various stages of the sun setting from 3.30pm until 4.30pm.

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Sky Watch was the concept of Dot and a great team of people who monitor and assist the working of this meme,
some of the founder members have moved on, though still making occasional visits.
There is still a voluntary team working hard behind the site, thanks are given to them for the many hours of work
they put in to ensure our enjoyment.
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