Friday, 27 April 2007

Rubies Treat

Well now husband and I were treated by our wonderful family to a weekend surprise. First we spent a valuable evening with our grandson, marveling at just how much he has grown, in such a short time. Do you think that spring has this effect on children as well as the garden? What a nice time we had and he enjoyed the spoils from granddad as well as the Devils Food Cake I had taken for him.
The next day bright and early we all gathered and were informed about our days events.
First a trip out, for journey on a steam train, which was to be followed by a dinner at a local restaurant. The weather was with us and we all piled into the cars and set off ,the venue was not too far away.
When we arrived at the station, we saw other people making their way steadily to the ticket office, fellow travellers giving us that feeling of unity.Not a single person was running or shouting, it reminded me of the past when there was a quiet and organised way people dealt with everyday events.
Having had our tickets bought for us, we then had time enough to look around the many features we would have used in our youth, old style buffet room, luggage store,trunks and cases piled on luggage carriers, separate ladies and gentleman's waiting rooms, engines and part engines as well as other stock in the sheds and sidings.
The sighing and shunting sounds of the engines were very peaceful, even the shrill whistle brought smiles to faces.
Wall posters about the stations reflected the 30s and 40s, we had a laugh over many of them,they advertised a weeks holiday for four in a de railed carriage for £2.10 shillings or rent your own phone for 2 shillings.
Our train was ready and having boarded we settled into a carriage which held us snugly.
Whistle blown and we were off,we went past many open areas, over a aqua duct seeing heron flying with their lazy but master full wing beat and past many live stock fields. A much missed, rest full pace of living.
There was not a refreshment car on our train and had there been I think that they would have been inundated with orders as there were a lot of people enjoying this trip.

At one station the buffet room was also equipped as the air raid shelter, complete with telephone PBX system, wireless and a two ring baby belling cooker.
The Station Master had his vegetable plot set out as it was said that the steam and carbon made the plants grow. His plot was not evidence of this belief.

Husband,grandson and I were presented with badges giving us the ranks Senior Rail man,Station helper and Senior Rail woman which act as a memento of the day.
We had a lovely return journey stopping for a cup of tea and sight seeing with photo shoots as well.see twoknightsandmaidens blog spot. I will get my photos up soon.
Well it was hard to top the train journey however dinner was spectacular, grandson's eyes nearly popped when he had his dessert ice cream sundae bought to him.
Our thanks go to our family for such lovely treats.
I am as usual getting on with knitting, sewing and cards, but, I have also taken the time today to enroll in the Knitters and Crocheters Guild and the Embroiderers Guild.
I still have many plans for art and craft work at home or abroad.

Saturday, 14 April 2007

The Garden Feature

The garden feature was made due to the desire to clear away a rockery and fish pond ,which had been in the garden for many years.
A big clear out was in order and the thought of an open stoned area was very attractive to me, as was the the fact that it would be nearly maintenance free.
It took a considerable time to give away the fish and clear the site.
My thanks go to my two daughters who assisted me with the hard work of clearing and also of discussing the benefits of diffrent materials to finish the project.
Well now it is completed and I can enjoy simplicity of the garden.
Open work Scarf Picture.

Well as you can see I have made up for lost time with the projects I have been telling you about, as well as having a good instructor Dancin' Fool show me how to publish my photos.
The scarf is in two ply with a crystal beaded hem to give substance to it when it is worn.
The pattern is from, CKDA or Canadian Knitwear Designers & Artisans.
It is designed by Wannietta Prescod of Knit Your Way and called a Knotted Openwork Scarf.
The fastener is from my jewellery and is a leather face mask of a fashion model.
This was made by steaming leather until it is soft and pliable, then stretching it over a relief mold until it is dry colour was added later to seperate the face from the flowing headwear.
I enjoyed this project very much.

Friday, 13 April 2007


I have been in need of inspiration to resume my Kimino card making.
Pictures will appear when Dancin' Fool has an opportunity to show me how to do this, as I am still a novice on Blogging methods.
Well inspiration comes in strange ways and today as I sorted out my jewellery box I found bits such as odd earrings,beads and chains, which can be converted into features on the cards, I felt much better and am looking forward to starting designing my cards again.
This reminded me that some time ago I saw an advertisement for people to take their old or broken jewellery into a jeweller, who then would assemble the items and create a new peice for the owner to wear.
I liked this idea are there any budding crafters out there who would like to try this?

Monday, 9 April 2007

Well its day three since I opened my blog site, I have been busy working in the sunshine and making a dry garden feature.
It is an eighteen foot long( note not metric use when off duty) corner crescent, ten feet wide, with a two foot high stone wall at the back, while the front has four low juniper bushes.
Dancin' fool and I, have cleared the ground and leveled it.
A wild life pond was sunk into the sand and soil, some of the junipers required trimming to accomplish this.
Three tons of beach type stones have been placed on top of the soil and sand mix and leveled. To off set the wild life feature an Aloe Vera succulent has been planted It is a clear open space which gives the appearance of calm.
This was a very enjoyable project.

The scarf that I was making in two ply is finished and the beads added, it only needs blocking now. A nice gift for someone.

I am planning the next project so will keep you informed.

Thursday, 5 April 2007

In The Warm Light of Day

Well today I have thought what a fool I have been to have sent some of my cards out without taking a photo first. I did not know that by tea time yesterday I would have a blog site up and running. Big thanks to Mac's Neice at Cagedminutes for doing this with me.
All is not lost though as Dancing Fool at twoknightsandmaidens, has come to the rescue and is e mailing me some back.
I do enjoy getting emersed in a project and find it hard to resist impulse buys. So today I bought the yarn to make a twised broach and yarn to make a sleeveless cardigan and even more yarn to make two gifts for people who I know like surprises.
Mind I am finding it difficult to leave the computer at the moment, it has an addictive quality to it. I even gave up a good film last night to devote time to my blog.
Next contact I hope to have finished a beaded scarf and will show it.
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