Thursday, 27 November 2008

Sky Watch Friday 15

As you can see the skies have been busy over
where we are.
Lord L was quite taken by the varied flight paths
and recorded them for this weeks Sky Watch.
Among them is his interpretation of the Scottish Saltire, the white cross on the blue background.

To enlarge any picture just click on the image.

To join in the pleasure that we all experience each week, seeing Sky Watch pictures from around the world and while remaining in the comfort of your own home.
Just click on the Sky Watch Friday banner, on the top right in my side bar.

There are a team of dedicated staff , to name a few Klaus, Imac,
Fishing guy, Louise who make this experience available to
us each week.
My thanks to them for all their hard work.
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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Birthday Gift

This is a 60 birthday gift for a friend, her birthday is on 25 December.
We discussed her having joint gifts, to mark both Christmas and her birthday, when she was a child. She tells me she did feel that she missed out.
I hope she will enjoy this gift.

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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Shaun and Shirley

Meet fun fund raisers Shaun on the right and Shirley. They only took a few hours to knit. However they took a lot longer to assemble.
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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Sky Watch Friday 14

Winter conditions have been here on and off over the last couple of weeks.
In between though,we have had odd days of lovely sunshine,with these
wonderful coloured skies at sun set.
These were taken by Lord L yesterday, they have not been enhanced at all.
Just click on the picture to enlarge it.

There are many lovely people out there,who enjoy watching the skies and
from all over the world share their sky views.
If you would like to see these,please just click on the Sky Watch Friday banner in my side bar.

I will always think well of the founder members of the scheme, for such a brilliant concept and establishing Sky Watch Friday.
My thanks go also to the current team members,who ensure a trouble free system, advice and maintenance.
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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Dancin' Bedspread Completed

This is the second spread I have made in 13 months.
The first, a white one, was for Mac's niece, from Caged Minutes.
The second is a rich cream colour and is for Dancin' from In the Pink.

They are made as gifts, for having such lovely daughters.

When a large project is completed. I find that I am at odds with my self.
I have filled time making dolls clothes for a friends grand daughter, two Shaun The Sheep and
I have a lace cloth started for a friends 60 birthday.

I need something to get my teeth into though.

When the right thing comes along I will share it with you.
Mean while I will keep on making the Village people and the Boot Leg dolls.
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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Sky Watch 13

1) Lord L was watching
the full moon on
November 11 and
captured this picture.

2) This is a picture taken by me,
of the sun setting in the west,
again on 11 November.

3) Yes there is a full moon here rising in the east,
on the same day as the other two.
What a wonderful change in the weather since last week.
Perhaps we need the not so good weather, to remind us of just how good it can be.

Please click on the picture to enlarge the view.

To see many more wonderful pictures from around the world please click on the
Sky Watch Banner, in my side bar.

There are new team members at Sky Watch and to them as well as the more established members,
I send my thanks for making this service seam free and such a joy to share in.
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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Sky Watch 12

It has been an overcast week here with lots of rain and I
could not think what to do to make a sky watch feature for tonight.

At 2.30 pm today, I went to the fourth floor outside gallery of the HUB, an exhibition centre
near where I live and found these three pictures. They show the sky as it has been.

The first is: Autumn colours, the willows in the background are opposite my bowls club.

The second is: The Mill, in Moneys Yard. Having been repaired it is now a restaurant.

The third is St Denys Church.

To enlarge any picture please double click on it.

To see more wonderful pictures from around the world , just click on the Sky Watch Banner in my side bar.

Last week saw Tom, one of the founders of Sky Watch retire. He will I am sure be greatly missed.
May I say that I had not known you for long Tom, though I really enjoyed you photography.
I wish you and your family well.
Let us know how you do in the Rally, when you have completed your Land Rover tuning.
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