Sunday, 20 April 2008

Tagged CD/CV

Dancin has tagged me alongside some of her other bloggers, to a CD/CV tag. There are 10 questions all relating to music, memories and unfulfilled wishes.
Read on and you will see what she means and I have thought about.

1) What was the name of the first record you ever bought?
Reply. Eddie Cochran, Summer Time Blues.

2) What was the song that led to your first pop star crush ?
Reply. Eddie Cochran, Three Steps to Heaven.

3) The song which reminds you of your first true love.
Reply. Dedicated to the One I love, Mamas and Papas ( don't you hear a Nicole there and Papa from the Renault advert some years ago.)

4) A song that is guaranteed to make you dance.
Reply. Now I've Had the Time of my Life, from Dirty Dancing.

5) Your favourite holiday track.
Reply. Alison Moyer, Fever.

6) The song you would most like to sing on stage.
Reply. I know him so well, Elaine Paige sung by dancin and Barbara Dixon sung by me.

7) The most embarrassing record you have ever bought.
Reply. Dear Nola, Frank Kelly( I believe) Now listen here Slurry Head. Seemed a good idea at the time.

8) The best guitar riff ever.
Reply. The Dueling Banjo's riff from Deliverance. A film which makes you blood run cold but that music is unforgettable.Closely followed by Lily Was Here.

9) The one song you wish you had written.
Reply. The song about the River Iffy and sang by Enya in Riverdance. I would give my eye teeth to be able to sing like her and that song too.

10) What is you favourite Radio Station or DJ. Radio Two.

Finished project

This is a crocheted cloth I have been making, it measures 76mm X 51mm and is in pale cream yarn No 10 weight.

Over time I have made at least four of these cloths, as this pattern is a favourite of mine having a masculine look about it.
This is the only one at home though, the others have gone to good friends homes.

It is a month since I made an entry. I have still given time to my crafts each day and the second bed spread is growing.
My main time though has been spent wallpapering three rooms. while it is a time and energy consuming task its always so nice when its finished.

My year long project is to make various items for fund raising for my grandson's school and various ventures I am involved in. As you will recall Camberwick Green Village people are included. I also have bought a book of patterns for the Bootleg Kids.
The knitted dolls have long legs and lovely clothing and footware. One of the boy dolls a footballer called Active Stanley is completed , he is in the process of being assembled. I will blog him soon.
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