Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Lace Bedspread Project
Well now just to let you know that the hands have been busy. I have been working on this for a few days now and thought that you may like to see what it looks like even though it is still in progress.
I only saw the large crosses when I set it up for the photo, I am quite pleased with the effect.
Two more squares have been added since the photo so its growing at a good rate.
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Thursday, 24 May 2007

Tagged again

Dancin' fool has tagged me to list seven personal things about myself that I am comfortable to share, next to pass the message onto seven other people. Sad to say I do not have seven people who are bloggers to send it to. I hope to rectify this soon.

1) I have a capacity for patience when it comes to anything to do with crafts, books, gardening, animals and children, however I can blow a fuse when asked to make a fast decision about every day things.

2) I like to sit alone in the dark in the early hours in my frontroom and reflect on family and life events.

3) I love to read a book in the bath. Never with borrowed books as I have been known to drop one in the bath.

4) I find it hard to avoid book shops and craft shops. When I was younger it was kitchen wear shops as well.

5) I enjoy writing letters and cards to people more so than phone calls and e mails.

6) I set myself impossible targets and get cross with myself when I can not complete them all.

7) I have always wanted to be in a gem shop and look and handle the gems, I do not want to own them just feel them and see their facets.

thank you Dancin' fool.

I have been tagged

Well dancin' fool has tagged me to open the nearest book to me, turn to page 161,then to print the fifth full sentence on the page.
Fun and games as the first book in my study is a dictionary the word is cogent, convincing, compelling, the second was a knitting book with instructions to knit through the back of the loop,knit two together.
My reading book in the sittingroom however was more interesting.
Who has not seen a woman hide the dulness of a stupid husband, or coax the fury of a savage one? We accept this amiable slavishness,and praise a woman for it; we call this pretty treachery truth.
Vanity Fair
WM Thackery

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Embroiderers Guild Member

Well today after a considerable wait I became a member of the embroiderers guild. I sit here with my lapel pin on and a good amount of information to read through, I will keep the reading for the evenings when the light fades.
I will start my blackwork as a project for the guild. This has to be done in the spring and summer as working with black yarn in the winter is a strain on the eyes even on a white background.
Being a morning person I can move mountains between the early hours and 13.00pm.
After this I slow down a bit but still carry on with my crafts what ever the time of day. I have also been known to stay up all night to complete a project.
Having started the white bed spread I am enjoying it. As I work I let my mind wonder as to the various finishing touches that I can add to the project.
My mind recalled a previous white spread for a kingsize bed, made for a colleague. It draped the floor considerably. This is an accident waiting to happen.
Therefore I plan to let the recessed edging be of material and just touch the floor.
I will get a photo up on site soon and you can share the pleasure with me.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Lace project

Well as you can see I have had my hands busy again this time with yarn rather than a camera or trowel.
I relax when I am creating items and this one pleased me a good deal. I hope that the intended recipient enjoys it as much.
I only had enough yarn to make a bed runner. However I have found sufficient yarn in white to make the full bed spread.
As you may recall I said that a spread was not to far away. I hope you like the photos.

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Rubies Treats photos at last

Well at last I have managed to post a couple of photos. There are many more however these two made me smile.
I will get another picture posted to show you what I have been doing over the last few days.
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