Sunday, 28 February 2010

February Lace

This is the last piece of Lace for February.

It was designed by Miyoshi Kuroi
Various stitches have been altered to my own liking.

Materials: 200gms Crochet cotton No 20.
Crochet hook Number 1.25 UK size.
The making of this cloth was spread over three weeks,
because it requires concentration to detail.

This pattern will lend its self to clothing
and I hope to apply it to a project soon.

It is pressed here although looks very good unpressed.
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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

February Lace Lily

Designed by: Jeanne Fancello.
42cm/18" wide.
100gms 20 white crochet cotton .
No 1 hook, UK.
15 hours to complete.
The lovely cone accessories were donated by Dancin' from In The Pink,
whose blog is listed in my side bar.Please visit her blog.
To enlarge the picture just click on it.
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Stoutshill Gloucestershire

Last week we took a break in Gloucestershire.

Our accommodation was at Stoutshill, Uley, near Stroud.
The first picture shows Stoutshill taken from the back of the building,
which dates back to the 1800s, and was owned by a large scale Wool Farmer.
His wool was processed, by some of the 11 mills in the area at that time.
Once processed it was spun to provide uniforms for the service people.
Red for the Army and Blue for the Navy.
There was a decline in wool manufacturing and eventually Stoutshill was sold.

This grand building of Cotswold stone, was converted in the 1900s to a boys Prep School.
History says that Stephen Fry and Captain Mark Phillips were borders here.
There are still Old Boys Open Days, which are well attended.
I am sure this is an indication that the school and staff were held in high regard by the boys.

We had two sunny days and the second picture is of the sunset on the second day.
Most welcome colours after the heavy frosts and freezing temperatures.
The third and sixth pictures are views from Uley of the countryside.
You can see over the River Seven and in clear conditions the Brecon Beacons.
Fourth is a village church with a very old Yew tree, nearby is a natural spring.
Fifth is the Village of Uley which nestles into the hills as do many villages in the area.

To enlarge the pictures just click on them .
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