Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Weed or not

This plant arrived in the garden some time ago, all by its self, I do not know what it is and speculated that it may belong to the stink wart family, though I am unaware of any aroma from it. The plant is fleshy and the leaves are striking after the flower dies back.
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Peony Time

I have a fondness for Peonies which I think stems from my mother. Having a fair number of the bush forming in the garden I have now branched into Tree Peonies.
I have four plants now though this is the only one to flower yet. It has been three years in this location. Two years ago it bloomed as a single petal flower, this year it was a lovely surprise to see what I can expect from it in the future. I should have put some form of measure up as the flower was side plate size.
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