Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Is it really that long since I last posted

Hi there I am some what surprised at how time has slipped away since I last posted.
I fill each day with many activities, as I do not know how to be still.
There also have been difficulties in my posting pictures.
 I have kept a photo record of most of the items I have made over the last year.
Some time I will sort some pictures out.
Mean while its a blue moon tonight, I understand that means the second full moon in a month.
Have a look for it and feel good.


NEB said...

Welcome back! You have been missed xxx

bowledover said...

When I posted I recall how much I enjoyed blogging before so I will work hard at getting things posted again.
Thanks Dancin' for visiting.

imac said...

easecenWelcome home. Neat work too

bowledover said...

Hi imac so nice to hear from you, thank you.
Been a while, but I am back in gear.

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