Monday, 21 May 2012

Summer has arrived

Each year I show these tree Peonies to you.
There are 14 blooms on this one and as you can see they are eight inches across
They flower all at once and must be enjoyed while they are so lovely.
There are five trees in this row, however the two shown are mature now.
There are many more flowers on the yellow tree, although they are a little smaller.

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Sensory Dragon said...

Gorgeous! I want some! and can I just say a huge thank you for the Blackberry Vinegar recipe for my many uses! I'll be having a go at making some in the autumn.

bowledover said...

Hi Sensory Dragon, thank you for popping by.
Many happy returns and we are glad you like the recipe.
The flowers are spectacular and last for a couple of weeks.
But it is lovely knowing the next year there will be even more.
Take care of yourself.

Dancin' Fool (AKA Natalie Simpson) said...

Can't wait to visit! xxx

bowledover said...

Hi me too me too Dancin. Thanks for stopping by.

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