Monday, 30 April 2012

Friday night was music night

 As a birthday gift to her father, Mac's niece gave us tickets to attend A Night at the Opera by The London Festival Opera, held at Loughborough.
We spent two, oh so short hours on Friday night, listening to various pieces by Verdi, Handle, Mozart, Rossini, Gounod, Bizet, Offenbach, Donizetti, Saint Saens, Puccini,  Gilbert and Sullivan, Strauss.
The event was packed full of people and the performance was first class, appreciated by all.
Thank you Mac's niece. A wonderful gift and lots of pleasure from the evening and its memories.

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Dancin' Fool (AKA Natalie Simpson) said...

It sounds wonderful! I am envious. Macs Niece and I are going to the theatre (with the Misters) this month in Loughborough to see one of Alan Ayckbourn's plays. The theatre or music venue is such a rich night out isn't it. xxx

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